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Elsie feels old and unattractive. Len gets No.9 ready for the Barlows' return while the jobs at the vestry are dumped on Jerry. Sam takes over the cellar work at the Rovers from Jack. Ken and Val return from honeymoon. Ena likes Jerry as he's hard-working. She pumps him for information about Sam but doesn't find out anything useful. Minnie gives a kitten to Lucille. Harry goes to collect Concepta and Christopher from hospital. Jack asks Sam for his insurance card if he's stopping. Sam says it's in Newcastle and he'll have to send for them. Annie offers Concepta the benefit of her experience, against Jack's advice. Doreen and Sheila found the concert lame. Elsie tries to lift her spirits by going on a diet. Annie is put out when Concepta doesn't use the pillow she got her for Christopher, and rubbishes the notion that it's unsafe. She annoys Concepta by lecturing her about sticking to regular feeding times. Concepta dismisses her ideas as old-fashioned. Ena makes the most of Len and Jerry doing the repairs on the vestry with Swindley paying the bill. Emily is thrilled to be allowed to hold Christopher and surprises Swindley with her knowledge of babies. Harry, Concepta, Lucille, Elsie, Len, Ken, Val, Sam, Albert, Ena, Minnie and Martha gather at No.7 for a party while Annie stays away. Lucille feels left out as everyone is interested in the baby.


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