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Mike hears that Steve has not made the Southport delivery. Steve and the girls try to free the van from the sand. With the tide coming in they empty the van of the gear. Mike and Dawn Perks enjoy their date. Steve moves the van by letting down all the tyres. The clothes from the van are covered in sand. Steve returns to the Street, he tells Mike what happened and is sacked. Mavis looks for somewhere to live when Len tells her she can't have The Kabin flat. She tells Rita she will no longer be able to do the morning papers. Steve gets a week's pay in lieu of notice. He considers looking for work abroad. Bet gets Betty to admit she'd like to return to the Rovers. Rita is furious when Len tells her she'll have to do all the morning papers. She refuses and tells Len he'll have to do the papers. Gail and Suzie tell Mike they talked Steve into going to Southport. He admires their loyalty and tells Steve he's not fired. Bet orders Dawn to clean the toilets. Dawn refuses and throws Mike in her face. She then walks out of the pub.


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