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Ray tells Len he wants a 50-50 partnership. Len refuses and tells him that he can always leave if he doesn't like the set-up. Albert is annoyed when his home-made kite fails to fly. He enjoys telling Peter about the war. Ken is too busy at work to spend time with Peter who tells him that he'd like to go walking in the Peak District - Ken agrees to take him. Rita warns Len not to give Ray more money; she'll never forgive him. Len worries that Ray may leave the yard and take Deirdre with him. Deirdre pushes Ray to leave the yard and set up in competition against Len. Ray tells Len he's leaving the business. They both decide on a new contract and swear each other to secrecy. Auntie Edie's will is read, she leaves two pot dogs to Ethel Platt and her estate to Mavis. Ethel threatens to contest the will. Mr Lewis, the solicitor, tells Mavis that the house was sold to a finance company and isn't hers. Ray and Len refuse to tell their wives the terms of their new partnership.


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