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Frank and Albert spend the bank holiday painting No.9's door green as a surprise for Ken and Val. Concepta is comfortable in hospital but hasn't given birth. An old tramp, Sam Leach, returns £1 to Annie when she gives him too much change. Ken and Val clash on honeymoon over what to visit in London. Val thinks it's too nice outside to go to the Tate Gallery but compromises when Ken gives in. Annie grows curious about Sam. Ena is kept awake all night by a leaky tap in the vestry. Sam bumps into Len causing him to drop his pint in the Rovers. Len asks for compensation but when the old man roots through his pockets, Len realises he can't pay and buys him a drink instead. Doreen and Sheila teach Lucille the twist. Lucille envies the girls for being able to do what they want. Emily is ecstatic when Swindley asks her to join him at a concert of the Stradivarius String Quartet. Ena demands action from Swindley over the leaky tap, among other things. Sam asks Jack if he knows of any jobs in the area. Jack suggests he try Len. Doreen and Sheila go to Belle Vue hoping to meet some lads. Ken meets an old friend, Geoffrey Simpson, in their hotel and Val is bored when they get together. Minnie goes on a bus tour by herself when Ena and Martha refuse to go along only to fall asleep after ten minutes. Len doesn't have any work for Sam. Harry buys drinks all round before announcing that Concepta has given birth to a boy.


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