The police investigate the theft of £400 worth of stock and £15 cash from the shop. Renee feels she's made a fool of herself. In Elsie's absence, Suzie feels they should take a foreign student in, especially when she learns Weatherfield Technical College will pay £3 a night. Ray gives Ernie an estimate of £50 to decorate the bedroom. Detective Constable Burton suspects Eddie of being involved in the shop break-in. French student Roger Floriet arrives to stay at No.11 for two weeks. Suzie and Gail both fall for him. Ray and Len are put out when the brewery painters start work on the Rovers. Gail is upset that Roger is in love with a nun - she feels that it's a waste. The brewery painters, Maurice Allen and Gary Hankins tell Ernie they'll decorate his bedroom and the landing for £60. Roger tells both Suzie and Gail that they are beautiful and one of them will have to come to France with him.


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