Jack has to model Annie's hat while she makes some alterations to it. She wants to go to No.1 to help out but Jack knows she's just being nosy. All of Val's wedding plans are in place and going to perfection with the exception of the bouquet which she doesn't like and she determines to make her own arrangement with white ribbon from Gamma Garments. In No.3 things aren't going as smoothly where Ken suffers from a hangover and nerves, the best man is ill and Nancy has to fetch him a sedative, and Albert finalises his "father of the bride" speech having exchanged his morning suit for more appropriate attire. The ladies drink tea as they assemble in No.1. Annie is annoyed when Beattie turns up in a similar hat to hers. Minnie gives Val a small white milk jug as a present, annoying Martha and Ena for going against them. The Hewitts swap their washing machine for a smaller one. Emily is saddened as she has to work and can't see the wedding. Lucille hates her bridesmaid's outfit. Frank and Ken remember Ida before they leave for the church. Albert tells Val she looks a treat as she comes down in her dress and he leads her to the church. Annie, Esther, Florrie, Harry, Nancy, Beattie, Len, Minnie, Martha, Ena, Sheila and Doreen watch as Ken and Val marry. Most of the women cry through the service. Confetti is thrown over the couple as they leave the church and photographs are taken. The three ladies retire to the Rovers while the reception takes place and they dissect the service. Ena offers to buy Elsie a drink and overcome her depression. She tells her willing listener to keep an air of mystery about her when dealing with men. The couple leave on their honeymoon. Doreen and Sheila are thrilled at the wedding. Emily is depressed that she's been a bridesmaid but never a bride. Harry and Lucille arrive home to find Concepta missing. Annie also arrives home, drunk on the table wines served at the reception. Harry comes into the Rovers looking for Concepta and is told by Jack that he's just taken her to the hospital as the baby's on the way.


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