The Bishops, Alf, Len and Ken join forces to secure Ena's job. Bet and Renee prepare for a party in Ashton-under-Lyne with Les Fox and Eric Bailey. Rita and Mavis shut The Kabin for the afternoon to shop in Manchester, to spite Len. Councillor Tattersall tells Ena she has no right to live in the flat - it is council property and she doesn't do anything at the Community Centre. He tells her he's going to put her in an old folks' home. She begins to feel worried. Les and Eric make sure Bet and Renee have left for their "date" in Ashton before breaking into the shop. Emily sees them loading their van from the shop and is coerced into believing that they are delivery men. When Tattersall walks into the Rovers he is faced with the residents' opposition. Ernie threatens him with violence if he evicts Ena, while Len has to be stopped from hitting the councillor. Tattersall says that he has lodged an official complaint about Ena. Alf comes into the pub and tells him he's discovered Tattersall wants Ena out so his niece can have the job and the flat. Tattersall is furious and leaves. Rita makes Len a special tea and they apologise to each other. Bet and Renee return from their wild goose chase to find all the alcohol missing from the shelves.


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