Arthur Stokes buys the cabinet. Albert makes a nuisance of himself at the hospital trying to find the truth about Ena's condition. The doctor tells him she is suffering from severe concussion and is slightly improving. Ivy wants the girls to form a workers co-operative, Vera isn't keen. Mike gets Suzie and Gail to model the new denim designs in front of Ivy and the girls to show them how good they are. He tells them to have faith in their work. He convinces them that only he will lift them out of the slump, and not a workers co-op. In the meantime they'll have to go on a three-day week. Stokes tells Annie that Alf and Betty are an item. Alf tries to make him see he's got it wrong but Stokes persists in telling everyone. Albert talks to Ena whilst she is unconscious. She opens her eyes briefly. Mike switches the denim work to London and concentrates on the new models in Weatherfield. Elsie goes to Newcastle to see Alan Howard and try to interest buyers in the new designs. Ena regains consciousness and tells Albert to stop talking.


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