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Elaine Dennett tells Elsie she works with Alan and they are having an affair. She asks her to give Alan a divorce so she can marry him. Eddie wants Hilda to go into business with him, making curtains. Elsie realises that Alan has been using her as an excuse not to marry Elaine. Eddie buys a load of curtain material off Tiny Stubbs. He and Hilda go into business. Elsie asks Ted's advice on the divorce. She realises Alan is conning Elaine and doesn't want to marry her. Ted advises her to tell Elaine the truth. She does but Elaine doesn't believe her. Elsie tells her she will divorce Alan. Mike catches Hilda making curtains on his machine and discovers she's making them whilst he's paying her to clean. He tells her she can't make any more. Emily plans to play Queen Elizabeth I on the street's Silver Jubilee float but Annie tells Ernie she's playing her and has ordered her costume already.


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  • The scene the derelict factory site was OB recorded in the old railway yard which could be found by going through the viaduct arch on the Grape Street set. The old derelict warehouse building seen on screen was an original building dating from the 1830 Manchester to Liverpool railway terminus and the same area was later used to film the General Strike sequences in Granada Television's 1981 adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. The yard today, much refurbished, is now a part of Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry.
  • TV Times synopsis: Why has Alan Howard's new girlfriend, Elaine Dennett, travelled from Newcastle just to see his wife Elsie.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,345,000 homes (chart placing unknown). Of the episodes transmitted in 1977 that were measured in millions of homes viewing as opposed to millions of viewers (the changeover occurred on 1st August), this was the least-watched episode of the year.
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