Len tells Rita to get Mavis out of the flat. Rita tells Mavis there's a lot wrong with it. Hilda makes denim cleaning mittens from offcuts at the factory. She plans to make curtains on the machines. Emily suggests "Britain through the Ages" for the Silver Jubilee float. Elsie convinces Mavis that there's nothing wrong with the flat. Len tells Mavis the flat rent will be £10 a week, not £6. Tracy gets into the finals of the baby contest. Elsie refuses to enter the Glamorous Grannie contest. Mavis tells Len she wants to stay in the flat and threatens to take him to the rent tribunal. Suzie eats carrots instead of smoking. Len and Mavis settle on £8 a week. Unknown to Elsie, Suzie and Gail enter her picture in the Glamorous Grannie contest. It is printed in the Gazette as a finalist.


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