Ray wants to enter Tracy in the Silver Jubilee Baby Contest but Deirdre refuses; it would be degrading. Rita and Len can't contact Mavis. Her Auntie Edie hasn't seen her all night. The residents get to Deirdre so she enters Tracy in the contest. Elsie and Suzie give up smoking. Mavis turns up in tears after having rowed with Auntie Edie. She has thrown her out and she's had to stay in a hotel. Rita tells her she can move into The Kabin flat. The residents decide to enter a float in the Jubilee parade. Len is annoyed that Rita has let the flat to Mavis as he had plans to do it up and get a big rent.


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Ena Sharples: "It's a dirty word in this country, is patriotism. Heaven knows why because we've got less to be ashamed of than the rest of 'em. If it hadn't been for what this country did in 1939, they'd all have been goosesteppin' into China!"

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