The policeman tells Ena to see the superintendent if she objects. The residents are asked to hurry with their bedding and belongings. Len agrees to look after Harry’s whippets for the night. The policeman tells a protesting Ena that Swindley agreed to put the residents up in the hall. Elsie wants to take her make-up and wedding photographs with her. Annie complains when one of the items that Jack prepares to take with him is his precious bowling bag. Swindley finds Emily clearing away the chairs that she has just set up. He speaks with Ena who claims she has just returned from her sick friend but her lie is proven when the Walkers arrive and Jack gives Ena her gloves back that she left on the Rovers' bar. The Walkers grab the prime spot in the hall in front of the stage. Swindley next welcomes the Barlows and Albert, followed soon afterwards by Harry who beds down on the stage. Esther, Christine and Florrie arrive together. When Florrie praises Joe, Esther is cold about him, puzzling Christine. Ida apologises to Christine for not coming round to see her after her mother’s death. Emily makes cups of tea for everyone and Swindley makes a long-winded welcoming speech. It is interrupted when the Tanners arrive with a bang, complete with their television set. Swindley takes Ena to task again for visiting the Rovers and tells her she’ll be reported to the committee. Ena demands the residents turn their music down but backs down when Jack threatens to bar her from the Rovers. Elsie strips off to her nightwear under cover of a blanket. The night makes Albert remember the war. Ena tells everyone the lights are going out at 11.35pm sharp. David volunteers to wake people up according to a rota. Harry unwittingly finds a love letter from Annie to Jack, who reveals to his happy wife that he’s brought his collection along as well in his bowling bag. The lights are put out. In the small hours, Dennis returns home and is sent on to the hall by the policeman. In the morning, Harry leaves for work as the policeman arrives to tell everyone that the emergency is over. He delights in waking Ena up to tell her the news as everyone packs to go home.


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