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Len sends Jerry to put shelves up at the shop flat. Swindley tells Minnie the landlord has agreed that she can rent No.5 on a weekly basis but Ena has ordered her friend to drop the idea of moving. Swindley talks her round causing Ena to accuse him of turning Minnie into a gypsy. Elsie stalls the Barlows about No.9. Doreen runs Gamma Garments by herself with Emily sick with flu and Swindley busy. Swindley drops by the flat to collect the key and the girls persuade him to stay for coffee. Ena warns Florrie about gentleman callers. They're amazed when Swindley emerges from the flat and Doreen tells him to call any time. Elsie doesn't feel that Ken and Val are the right type for the Street but agrees to write to Linda about the house. Harry is sure that Concepta is having a boy. Annie's letters are full of an Arthur Forsyth-Jones. Doreen agrees to help Jack at the Rovers but is late waiting in for Jerry. Jerry arrives at the flat to measure up. Doreen and Sheila tease the shy lad. Pamela Marriott buys Val out of the salon outright. Ena forbids her friends from buying the Barlows a wedding present as they're not invited to the reception. The Tatlocks can't come as Edith is ill. David Barlow has a practice game on and can't be best man. Val is upset, feeling it'll be a rotten wedding.


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