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Doreen feels rotten about the hankies and the trouble it's caused. Emily doesn't like the way the shop has changed since she amalgamated with Swindley and regrets going in with him. She's afraid to tell Swindley how she feels. The shop's figures are the lowest of all the Gamma outlets and the staff are told to improve or they're out. Len advertises for an apprentice with a card in the Corner Shop window. Doreen can't wait to meet the "lively lad" he recruits. With Val's mother unwell, Esther helps Ken and Val plan the wedding and reception. The happy couple trim the guest list to cut costs. Emily takes the bull by the horns and tells Swindley she's leaving Gamma Garments. Swindley dismisses her as being overwrought. After arguing with him on the doorstep and getting nowhere, Emily runs off in hysterics. The Over 60's Club plans its annual picnic. Ena wants the picnic cancelled due to last year's fiasco and the money divided among the members. Albert doesn't agree. Doreen and Sheila move into the shop flat and disturb Florrie with their music. Elsie is annoyed with herself for letting Bill take her for a mug. Emily can't face returning to the shop after shouting at Swindley and gives Doreen a week's wages to pass onto Swindley in lieu of her working notice. She's forced to face Swindley when Sheila tells him where she is. They agree to forget her resignation and Swindley asks for her help with a matter of grave importance: what to do about the Over 60's Club...


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Miss Nugent: "I was born out of my time."

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