Val fears that Ken is only looking for a mother figure. Gamma Garments holds its Summer sale. Swindley forgets the door key and has to go home and get it. Annie goes on holiday to Babbacombe on her own. Jack tells Albert that the meeting about the street's name has been postponed again. Val thinks Ken should write to Frank and tell him about the engagement rather than wait for him to return from his holiday. Ken rows with her for making a drama out of it. Val doesn't understand him and becomes hysterical when he lists his past girlfriends. Minnie queues for two hours outside Gamma to buy a hankie. Doreen sells her a box for a generous 1/11. Ken calls on Esther who agrees to help out with the wedding. Val's concerns are exacerbated when she hears Ena expressing the same sentiments in the shop. Val looks to Elsie for guidance and is advised to follow her instincts. The hankies fly off the shelves as word spreads about the discounted price. Ken writes to David asking him to be best man. He and Val plan to go shopping for an engagement ring but Val doesn't turn up. Val gets thinking about Ida when she eats at the cafe across from the spot where she died. The Gamma sale falls flat except for the hankies. Doreen realises the hankies were supposed to be 1/11 each, not per box. Ken finds Val at Ida's grave and tells her that he wants to marry her because he loves her.


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  • The scene at Ida Barlow's grave was OB recorded at Manchester General Cemetery on Rochdale Road.
  • The end credits play over a shot of Ida's gravestone, with Ken and Val walking off into the distance.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena's outspokenness sends Valerie on a trip into the past
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,356,000 homes (2nd place).
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