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Dot is shocked that Elsie doesn't want to know more about Bill; she's enjoying the moment. Ena lets Minnie in on Bill's dirty secret. Albert prepares for Val's return from Glasgow. Swindley and Emily go door-to-door advertising the Gamma Garments Summer sale but few are interested. Annie and Jack are invited to share a maisonette in Babbacombe with a snobby couple they met last year in Torquay. Ena is about to set off for No.11 to tell Elsie about Bill when Swindley arrives at the vestry to carry out his fortnightly perusal of the premises. Ena remains to supervise the inspection. Jack refuses to go to Babbacombe as Annie's friends look down their nose at him. He tells her she can go on her own. Annie takes his comments personally as they're her type of people. Their argument carries through to the bar. Bill tells Len and Harry that he's going to tell Elsie about Phyllis tonight. As Ena can't get away from the vestry, she sends Minnie to ask Elsie to call on her. Elsie puts her off until tomorrow as she has a date with Bill. Ena is dissatisfied with her answer and goes to confront her. Elsie meets Bill at the Rovers but goes back to No.11 when she realises she's forgotten her purse. Ken picks Val up at the station on his scooter. Ena catches Elsie at No.11 and tells her that Bill is married. Her bluntness is initially met with hostility but, knowing that she wouldn't lie about such a thing, Elsie asks Ena to tell her all she knows. Elsie confronts Bill in the Rovers.


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Ena Sharples: "I won't see anyone on this street made a fool of."

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