Elsie is over the moon with Bill's return. Doreen and Sheila are still waiting for an answer about the shop flat. Doreen is worried that they can't afford it and persuades Emily to tackle Swindley about a rise for them both. Concepta doesn't mind whether she has a boy or a girl. Bill and Len go up in Ena's estimation for avoiding a fight. Bill misplaces a letter at the post office. Minnie hands it to him and sees the name on the envelope - Mrs P. Gregory. Emily becomes flustered when asking Swindley for more money and has to do so in private. Ena finds out from Elsie that Bill's mother has been dead for twenty years so Mrs. Gregory must be his wife. She tells Len he must inform Elsie that Bill is married. Minnie lowers her blinds in her Jubilee Terrace home as her mother dies. Frank arranges to go to Scarborough with some friends, while Ken plans to look Val up while in Scotland with the school. Florrie tells Doreen she can have the flat. Len warns Bill not to make a fool of Elsie. Bill tells him he's written to Phyllis informing her that he's not returning home. Emily manages to get the words out and Swindley agrees to write a memo to Mr. Papagopolous. Ena sees Len enjoying himself with Elsie and Bill in the Rovers. She surmises that Len isn't going to tell Elsie and she'll have to.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ena learns the truth and Len is faced with a difficult decision
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,420,000 homes (1st place).
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