Ray stays in hospital for observation. The Haggerty boys, Kevin and Jimmy, run amok in the Street. Roy Thornley doesn't know Doreen is divorcing him or that she is citing Gail. Elsie asks him not to defend the divorce. Hilda's washing is stolen, she thinks the Haggerty boys took it. Ray discharges himself from hospital, his arm in a sling. Roy apologises to Gail. She tells him she hates him; her reputation will be ruined. Stan steals the Haggertys' washing. Gail breaks down when Roy decides to defend the divorce. Renee returns the Ogdens' washing; she took it in when it was raining and put it in her machine. Stan is worried about taking the Haggertys' washing back, having heard about the size of Mr Haggerty.


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  • This episode ended with an unusual sequence: after Stan commented to Hilda on the size of Jim Haggerty and Hilda picked up a pair of his stolen underwear to illustrate the point (pictured above) the scene changed to a filmed sequence of the two Haggerty boys running towards the camera. This was shot in slow motion and, before the end credits and music began, was accompanied by a soundtrack of special sounds in a similar style to the action sequences used in The Six Million Dollar Man in a deliberate pastiche of that series, which was hugely popular in the UK at the time.
  • TV Times synopsis: Will Elsie Howard manage to persuade Roy Thornley to keep Gail Potter out of his divorce?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 4,951,000 homes (chart placing unknown).
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