Sheila and Doreen swoon over Bill Gregory after seeing him arrive at the station. Sheila tells Len he's back. Emily has a dizzy spell when Doreen talks about the allure of mature men. Elsie misses her children and feels dissatisfied with her life. Bill buys a black nightie for Elsie from Gamma Garments and tells Doreen he's in the area to finish a course. Martha looks after Minnie's sick mother to let her friend out of the house. Jack is back from Barnsley. Bill and Len get caught up in the Rovers. Bill uses the Rovers phone to call Elsie at Miami Modes. Dot takes a message from Bill for Elsie to meet him at the Rovers later. Elsie is thrilled when she tells her as she thought he'd have moved on. Lucille tells Bill that Len and Elsie have been spending a lot of time together. Bill is interested to hear about Len and Nellie's marital problems. Minnie worries about her mother's health. Business is good for Len and he considers taking someone else on. Bill wants to know what's going on between Len, Elsie and Nellie and demands the truth from Len - or else. Len calls him a brass-faced hypocrite. Harry dashes over to stop them fighting when Concepta tells him what Lucille said to Bill. He finds them chatting amicably, Len having explained to Bill that he and Elsie are just friends. Elsie gets dressed up and meets Bill at the Rovers.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The Fleet's in port again and Elsie re-joins the Navy
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,077,000 homes (2nd place).
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