Rita gets Ernie a job at the Gatsby Club, two nights a week, but one of them is a stag night. Len, Ray and Terry do contract work on a building site, with Terry working full-time. Hilda tells Emily that Ernie will be playing at stag nights. Annie goes to see Joan, the residents wonder why. Ernie tells Emily he needs to feel that he's earning money. Builder Jack Barker taunts the Yard men just for the sake of it. News reaches the Rovers that Annie's driving lesson ended with her crashing the car into a lamppost. To Emily's disgust, Ernie agrees to play at the Gatsby.


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Betty Turpin (to Hilda Ogden): "Your good name went bad years ago luvvie.. and the only reputation you've ever 'ad is for yakkin', tootin' - an' generally muck-rakin'."

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