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Nellie informs the Hewitts that Len didn't come home all night. Swindley is pleasantly surprised to find everything in its proper place at the shop and Len already hard at work, unaware that the banging they're hearing is the builder calling for help. He trusts Len to work unsupervised. Concepta approaches her due date of 7th August. Sheila complains to Doreen that her father is retiring and that the family is moving to the country. She doesn't want to go and is delighted when Doreen suggests they get a flat. Word spreads that Len is AWOL. Ena thinks he spent the night with Elsie, as does Dot until Elsie insists otherwise. Harry checks up on Len at Gamma Garments and finds him trapped in the loft, having been there for eighteen hours. He manages to free his leg and helps him limp back to No.7, where Concepta bandages the wound. Len reluctantly sees a doctor but refuses to use the walking stick that Albert gives him. Swindley is troubled by his female tenant who entertains male friends a lot. Doreen asks Swindley if she and Sheila can rent the property and receives a sermon on the importance of standing by one's family. The girls press gang Florrie into letting them have her vacant flat above the shop. Len finally passes his message onto Elsie - Bill Gregory is returning.


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Ken Barlow: "I sometimes think the only exercise some of 'em get round 'ere is jumping to conclusions."

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