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Len searches for Elsie to pass on a message. He follows a trail from No.11 to the shop to Gamma Garments, missing her by minutes in each case. The neighbours gossip about Christine's flit. Ena doesn't consider her marriage real as it took place in a registry office. Emily considers it romantic. Mr. Papagopolous grants Swindley permission to turn the loft of the shop into a storeroom. Emily helps Swindley measure up the loft. Len uses the phone at Gamma Garments to call Elsie at Miami Modes but hangs up when Ena walks in, puzzling Dot on the other end. Once Ena has left he calls back and tells Elsie he has a message for her from Bill Gregory. He arranges to meet her outside her work at closing time. Len does the alterations at Gamma. He kids Swindley that the shops on either side have dry rot and woodworm and advises him not to expand further. Swindley takes him seriously. Len stays behind after the shop closes to finish the floor. Florrie has the decorators in at the flat. Dot waits with Elsie outside Modes but Len doesn't turn up. Harry sees no sign of activity outside Gamma and assumes that Len has gone home but can't find him anywhere. In Gamma's loft, Len has his foot stuck in the floorboards and is unable to move.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Len gets himself into difficulties and fails to deliver an important message to Elsie
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,185,000 homes (2nd place).
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