Derek is scared of Rita even after she has explained her actions. When Fred tells the regulars in the Rovers about Rita's boyfriend, Mavis realises he is talking about Derek. Mavis accuses Rita of being man-mad. Ken assures the committee that his private life is now beyond reproach. He tells them he has no confidence in them and is taking two weeks' holiday to think about whether or not he wants to remain in the job. Renee is furious when Tricia drinks in the Rovers instead of delivering an order. Albert invites Ken to move in with him and Ken agrees. Tricia tells Renee she's sick of her - she can have the job and the flat; she's leaving. Rita convinces Mavis that there is nothing between her and Derek. She phones Derek to apologise on Mavis's behalf. Tricia leaves the Street and returns to her mother. Gail is upset. Fred realises Derek is Mavis's boyfriend and gets the picture. Tricia leaves as Ken leaves for his holiday.


Regular cast

Guest cast



Notable dialogue

Len Fairclough: "Nobody forced women to do the catering, it was Eve that handed Adam the apple."


Albert Tatlock: "Look, never go chasing women, always let 'em chase you. Eee, I've had some women after me in my time. By 'eck I could tell you some right stories if I only 'ad a drink in me 'and because it's dry work, talking."
Fred Gee: "Well, you'd better have a drink with me then, Albert, hadn't you?"
Albert Tatlock: "I wouldn't say no."

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