Fred starts putting sandwiches on at lunchtimes. Bet and Betty decide he's after his own empire. Ena accuses Renee of leading the residents into temptation by opening the Corner Shop on Sundays - but still buys a loaf of bread for herself. Ken's temper cools and he tells Alf that he doesn't really blame him or Ernie as Chapman's had it in for him ever since he got the job over his nephew. As senior barmaid, Betty is annoyed as Fred acts like landlord. Ken accuses Emily of meddling in his affairs when she tells him she told Wendy. He is surprised as Wendy hasn't mentioned it. Wendy offers to move out but Ken refuses to let her. She knows she can't support him on her wages. No one wants the sandwiches. Ken and Wendy decide to stand against the committee. Her friend Diana Kenton calls with her mail that's been delivered to her old home. She is touched when she discovers Roger has paid her car insurance. The residents prepare for the party with tressle tables and bunting..


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