Elsie advises Tricia to try to please Renee in order to keep her job. Wendy worries that her happiness won't last. Fred enjoys himself at the Gatsby Club. Mavis discovers that he danced with Rita. Alf writes his letter of resignation when a lad he trained is put over him. Rita kicks Mavis when she taunts her over Fred. Renee assures Elsie that Tricia can stay at the flat, although she'll lose her job. She tells Elsie that she'll want to live in the shop, so Elsie will have to move out. Ernie plans a camping holiday but Emily wants to go to Italy. Rita wonders how she can put Fred off. Len is amused at Fred's infatuation with Rita. Fred gives Rita a single red rose. Alf chickens out of resigning. Ken tells Wendy he's sure they will marry. Len and Alf tell Bet and Elsie that Ken could lose his job due to him 'living over the brush' with Wendy.


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Elsie Howard: "If you can't make it work with one fellah, you usually can't make it work with another. At least that's been my experience."

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