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Alf considers resigning before he's sacked. Rita gives Fred tickets for the Gatsby Club. Ken shows Wendy off in the Rovers. Tricia realises she, Gail and Elsie will be evicted when Renee buys the shop. Alf takes a shine to Renee. Fred tries to build up courage to ask Rita out.


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Notable dialogue

Tricia Hopkins: "You mean if you had your life to live again you'd do it all different?"
Elsie Howard: "Oh, not differently. I'd just... I'd just shuffle it around a bit. You see, I was always doing the wrong thing at the right time. Now see, take my first husband, Arnold. I was married to him when I was seventeen. He was a right dead leg, he was. Right out of it... right out of the reckoning! You know what they say, you see: when you don't know how you can and by the time you know how you can't! Not that I want you to get the wrong impression, but I was just thinking I was wasted on Arnold at seventeen. Now if I could have been married to say, Steve, at that time, or Alan, or... well maybe Steve! Ooh, you know they're very strange, them American fellas! I think it must be the way their mothers bring them up!"

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