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Swindley collects the blouses first thing. Doreen realises Emily is falling for Swindley and suggests adding colour to her hair to attract his attention. Martha sees Christine going out early on a Saturday morning in her Sunday best and spreads the word. Christine buys a cocktail dress from Miami Modes and makes up with Elsie. Elsie wonders what she's up to when she insists on having it straightaway instead of waiting for the sales. Gamma Garments advertises their new blouses on TV. Emily and Doreen model the new range and build an acropolis for the window display. The acropolis turns out to be too big for the window and has pieces missing. Ken finds Christine packing up to leave Coronation Street for good. She smashes the crockery to show that she's being defiant, not suicidal. Concepta has a fainting-fit while shopping at Miami Modes. Elsie takes her home in a taxi. Colin collects Christine and they leave together. He tells her that he loves her but she doesn't return the sentiment, feeling conflicted about making such a big change. Christine leaves her key with Sheila. Sheila and Doreen find the house empty apart from a note from Christine telling her that she's going to London with Colin and that they will be settling in Leeds. The girls take Elsie's taxi to get to the station and stop her but she reveals that they have just married. The Applebys leave on the London train.


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  • This episode featured the (off-screen) wedding of Christine Hardman and Colin Appleby and the last appearance of Christine until 29th October 1962. Despite getting married, Christine remains credited as "Christine Hardman".
  • A customer at Miami Modes is uncredited, despite having several lines of dialogue.
  • No filming took place at Manchester's Central Station for this episode. Both the establishing shot of the station concourse and the shots of the train pulling out of the station - over which the end credits play - were stock footage, while the cafe where Christine and Colin await their train to London was a studio set.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena and Swindley cross swords again, while Christine shocks her friends
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,181,000 homes (joint 1st place with Episode 158).
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