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Betty shows Renee round the shop. Len tells Gail that someone else stole the dresses and Gail tells Sylvia Matthews. Rita is embarrassed by Fred's attention. Elsie goes for Hilda in the Rovers but is stopped by Fred. Diana Kenton tells Wendy Nightingale that Roger wants her back but she's not interested. Renee secures a loan from the bank to buy the shop and she also plans to make a good home for Terry but he isn't keen. Sylvia asks Gail to give Elsie her cards but Gail tells Elsie that Sylvia wants to apologise. Elsie arrives and she and Sylvia apologise to each other. Elsie returns to work at the shop. Hilda tells Albert that Wendy has moved in with Ken. Renee tells Betty that she'll make Gordon an offer and in the meantime she'll work in the shop with Tricia. Albert tells Ken he's disgusted with him. He says that he's finished with him.


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Annie Walker: “I’m well aware dear. Mrs Ogden would try the patience of Job himself, but I would have expected Mrs Howard to show a little more restraint. A woman of breeding does not bend to insults. She can make her point quite effectively without ever raising her voice. My Jack knew that.”
Betty Turpin: “I bet he did!”

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