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Business is slow at Gamma Garments due to wakes week. Ena returns from Southport and inspects the new shop. The residents hope Colin will be good for Christine. Colin takes Christine out for the day to Buxton in his car. With Jack in Barnsley, Harry and Ken help Annie with the cellar work. Annie remembers Colin from when his family lived in Mawdsley Street and thinks he's too good for Christine. Doreen finds him creepy. Emily and Doreen are allowed to buy the new stock at wholesale prices if they become models, wearing them in the shop. Colin and Christine have lunch at a posh restaurant. Christine finds the environment refreshing and lets Colin choose her meal for her. He tells her that he's serious about her. Gamma's new stock are bikinis. Christine agrees to go with Colin to a dance and barbecue at the tennis club. She's surprised when several women at the restaurant turn out to be acquaintances of Colin's. Swindley gets onto head office and finds out that their stock, containing blouses, went to another branch. Elsie worries that Christine is going to make a fool of herself. Christine gets defensive when Elsie asks her who she's going out with. She tells Elsie to mind her own business - she's found herself a fella at last.


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Christine Hardman: "You think I'm making a fool of meself, do you? You all do, the 'ole of Coronation Street, and you're wondering what you can do about it. Well I'll tell you what you can do, you can mind yer own business so take yer knitting round to Mrs. Sharples and talk that one over!"

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