Hilda bangs on the doors of the Rovers wanting to know where Stan is while the man himself waits with Albert in the cellar for the all-clear so they can start drinking. After Annie sends Hilda on her way, they decide to drink from the barrels so as to avoid leaving empty bottles but there's only one glass between them. The Bishops can't sleep well in their squeaky bed. Stan drinks more than Albert who starts to need the toilet. As television closes down for the night, Hilda puts Stan's dinner in the bin. Hearing Len with Ken in No.11, she asks if they've seen him. She checks with Betty who suggests she checks if he's with Clara Regan. She calls round to 19 Inkerman Street but is sent on her way by Barney Moss, Clara's boyfriend. A drunk Stan and Albert start to sing, but different songs at the same time and then compare war experiences before another song. As dawn breaks, Hilda knocks Annie up. She's furious until she sees that something is wrong and is then sympathetic. Hilda plans to contact the police and Annie offers her a cup of tea. Albert is now desperate for the toilet. Betty and Bet come into work and hear knocking coming from the cellar. Annie and Hilda hear it too and investigate. They find the two men. Annie is furious but as not as much as Hilda is with Stan. Ken arranges to see Wendy at lunchtime. Hilda gives Stan verbal hell, worried about what people think of them. The regulars laugh about the incident but Annie is still not amused. Ernie is determined to send the bed back. Hilda calls into the pub and is embarrassed. Annie confirms Stan is barred, as well as Albert, but gives her a drink on the house. The regulars ask her to join them and the ice is broken. Wendy calls on Ken. He tries to get her to stay and go to bed but she resists.


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