Tricia and Gail take over the running of the shop, with Betty overseeing and looking after Gordon's interests. They're eager for her to go and leave them to it. Tricia starts skiving immediately. Ray and Ernie tell Rita that council men are inspecting the warehouse site for Dave Smith's new cash and carry store. Ken tackles Alf about having an adventure playground on the site but is told that the land is too valuable. Ken starts art classes at the Community Centre and Hilda and Mavis enrol. With Annie and Bet ill, Betty advertises for temporary staff at the Rovers. Hilda spreads gossip that Alf is involved in pushing Dave Smith's plan through, for his own advantage. Emily thinks she has a point. The girls show an interest in Terry Bradshaw who returns to his childhood haunts. Deirdre admits she's not happy with her mother being with Dave Smith. Alf shows off a new digital watch. Rita is suspicious where he got the money for it from. Ken is pleased to see old pupil Terry who is struggling for a job after leaving the army. Ken takes him to the Rovers where Betty takes him on for a couple of weeks. He gets Annie's approval for a trial run. Hilda, Deirdre, Tricia, Gail, Ken and Mavis go to the art class. Alf buys scotches in the Rovers, watched by an interested Ray and Rita. Tricia shows talent with her drawing of Paul and Linda McCartney. Teacher Peter Milton promises the excited women a male model next week, though the very thought makes Mavis want to quit.


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  • First appearance of Terry Bradshaw (played by Bob Mason - a future writer on the programme).
  • This episode and the next carried the unusual credit of "Graphics by James Quick" in reference to the drawings at the art class.
  • TV Times synopsis: Gossip spreads over Alf taking back-handers for council favours.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,600,000 homes (8th place).
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