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At what is now the sixth store in the growing Gamma Garments empire, Swindley, Emily and Doreen prepare for the coming of their new Greek owner, Niklos Papagopolous, and are conducting a stock check in preparation for the visit from their exacting boss. Doreen worries about Christine. At the factory, she is still depressed and wants to be left alone, refusing to go on lunch with Sheila. Frank buys a new blouse for Florrie, having spilt soup on her old one. Swindley is annoyed when Papagopolous fails to turn up and Doreen is late back from lunch. In addition they have only had three customers all morning. Sheila finds a morose Christine on the roof, looking down on the people below and bemoaning that no one cares about her. Soon afterwards, Annie spots a police car outside the factory. Christine is on the edge of the roof and threatening to jump. Det Sergeant Sowman tries to talk her down, asking what her mother would think, and not realising that she's dead. Among the watching crowds of factory workers and onlookers, Sheila becomes hysterical, thinking her friend will jump. Sowman asks Sheila to talk to her but she can't control her own emotions. Sowman rings for reinforcements and asks Jack to ring for an ambulance. Swindley finds out that Papagopolous rang for him but Doreen told him he was out sizing up the opposition, pleasing their new owner. A panicking Lucille fetches Doreen to help with Christine. Ken thinks Christine would talk to someone who understands. With the police's permission, he goes on the roof and reminds her about the time she talked him out of running away from home and that he has also lost his own mother. He tells her that she has a lot of friends who care about her. She agrees to come down but tells him that if things don't change, she'll blame him. They start to make their way down as the onlookers disperse.


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Christine Hardman: "Girls like me are stupid. An' we don't ger anythin' - the only way we can get owt different is by gettin' married."

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