Emily starts a petition against the nightclub. Deirdre isn't impressed by her "Uncle Dave". He is shocked to find she is married to Ray. Blanche tells Dave she might be unemployed soon. Ernie refuses to help Emily with her campaign as the club is just a rumour. The residents get suspicious when they see Dave talking to Alf. Hilda returns from Chesterfield to find the house suspiciously clean. Hearing from Annie that Stan hasn't been in the Rovers much lately, she thinks he's been spending his time with Clara Regan. Deirdre thinks Dave is too smarmy. Bet tells Hilda that Minnie has been looking after Stan. She refuses to believe them. Alf tells Emily that Dave doesn't want to open a nightclub but a cash and carry. She is even more concerned because of the traffic it will cause. Dave asks Blanche to manage the staff at his Country Club in Kenilworth for him.


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