Blanche waits anxiously for news about the shop. Jill starts working for Fairclough and Langton. Albert is ready to criticise her work when she repairs a leaky window frame at No.1 but he has no complaints. Deirdre suggests Blanche go back on her deal with Mrs Needham. Blanche comes round to the idea but when the moment comes she doesn't have the heart to tell her. Ray is pleased with Jill's work. Betty tells Blanche that Gordon isn't sure about selling the shop at the moment. Blanche doesn't know what to do with her corsetry business sold and her other job finishing should Gordon make up his mind to sell the shop. Deirdre is upset by the fact that she has no real skills, unlike Jill. Mavis cooks Albert and Alf a meal but the men swap their dishes round as Albert would prefer Alf's steamed fish while Alf doesn't want slimming food but would prefer Albert's beef ragu. Jill tells Ray she doesn't want to work at the yard; it's not a proper firm as neither Ray or Len served trained apprenticeships. Betty tells Blanche that Gordon wouldn't object if she found another job.


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Blanche Hunt (about Mavis Riley): "Summat's put the bone in her corset."


Blanche Hunt: “I'd never pass for 28, not even in a power cut.”

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