Tricia thinks she's destined for fame. The Marshes are due in court on a charge of breaking and entering. They escape being charged with starting the fire. Alf brands them vicious yobs. Ernie misplaces a £5 postal order for the scouts' fund. Albert finds he has no money to live on and asks Emily for a rise. Not knowing he's hard up, she turns him down. Tricia spreads a rumour that Ernie has been embezzling, after hearing it at the post office. Ernie assures Emily that nobody knows about the missing money except his colleague Mrs Fairhurst. Douglas Marsh asks Ken to give a character reference for the lads in court. Ken tells him they were better behaved when he taught them but agrees to consider his request. Albert advertises for a lodger, with no stipulations. Albert is aghast to hear that Ken is considering speaking up for the Marsh boys and tells him he's soft in the head. Alf discourages Tricia by calling her voice reedy. Albert complains about Ken to Alf, Betty and Tricia. Tricia tells Ken he can't stand up for the Marshes; they killed Edna. Emily is upset when the money for the pensioners outing fund is entrusted with the secretary instead of her - the treasurer - to "save her the journey". She realises people think they have been stealing from Mission funds.


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