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Christine feels the clock ticking for her to leave the street. She envies Ken for being educated. The publishers reject Ken's novel. Elsie encourages Christine to get out of the house and enjoy her life. Frank asks Ken if he'd be open to him marrying again. He's surprised when Ken tells him he knows all about him and Florrie and gives them his blessing. Doreen reveals to Christine that Swindley has been taken over and she's agreed to go back to work for him. Christine doesn't think Doreen's life of chopping and changing jobs is any better than hers as they all amount to the same thing. She throws a plate on the floor in frustration when Sheila comes in and hurries her along to work. Frank and Florrie arrange a date at the theatre. They play it cool when Elsie enters the shop but she sees through the act. She promises not to blab. Sheila struggles to remain friendly to Christine when she goes on about how empty their lives are. Annie plans a Rovers' outing on the continent. Jack doesn't think the customers would like it and is proved right when Annie asks Albert. Jack gets through to the next round of the bowls tournament. Ena sends Minnie a postcard saying she's enjoying the convalescent home. Minnie sends one back with pictures of Manchester. Christine doesn't make any effort at the factory and shows signs that she's heading for a breakdown.


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