Annie wonders why Sean Regan leaves in the night. Minnie hears of a young family who have lost everything in a fire. She wonders if the residents can help them. Bet tells Betty about Sean and shows her the letter she's written to Concepta. Mavis feels that Len can't look after himself and cooks him a meal. Annie refuses to believe Sean would make a pass at Bet. She calls Bet a tart and sacks her. Minnie, Hilda and Mavis plan to make cakes and sell them to raise money for the family. Len tells Annie that Bet was telling the truth. Annie apologises to Bet and explains that Concepta's happiness is important to her. Bet tears up the letter and Annie invites her to return to the Rovers. Bet isn't sure. Tricia is chatted up by two young lads - Neil Foxall and Les Grimes. Bet returns to the Rovers. Les and Neil hide in the gents toilets at night, waiting for everyone to leave the pub.


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  • No episode with the production code P694/549 was ever made. As no adjacent episode to P694/548 was directed by Richard Stroud, it is to be supposed that 1549 was written but unrecorded for some unknown reason, or its intended plot was incorporated into this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Why does Annie give Bet the sack?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,650,000 homes (joint 11th place with Episode 1548).
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