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Christine goes into work ten minutes late. Concepta is shocked by her indifference. Doreen is glad that Philippa has gone as she was getting all the attention from boys. Having packed in her job at a grocers in Rosamund Street, she looks for more work but refuses to return to the Rovers or Elliston's. The Walkers receive a letter from the Town Hall saying that the decision on the street's name has been pushed back a month because of the residents' opposition. Annie is determined to have a fortnight's holiday but Jack won't get on a boat and Annie refuses to fly. Christine feels bored and longs for something fresh. Sheila plans a girls' trip to Blackpool. Christine suggests going camping but Sheila doesn't want to as they wouldn't meet any lads. Martha thinks Christine is going the same way as her mother. Frank and Florrie keep their liaisons secret. Elsie picks up a cut-price frock for Christine from Modes. Dropping it off at No.13, she's annoyed when Christine nearly refuses it and doesn't thank her for the favour. Jack competes in the first round of the bowls tournament. Sheila and Doreen drag a moody Christine out to ten-pin bowling. A boy chats her up but she acts mysteriously. Ena goes to a convalescent home in Southport after being referred by Dr Graham. Christine gets fed up and goes home without telling her friends. Back in the street, she tells Elsie she can't cope with any more "tomorrows".


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Christine Hardman: "I was born round 'ere', I live round 'ere, an' I suppose I'll die round 'ere."

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