Betty wonders what Gordon got up to with Sophie Edwards. Gordon thinks Betty is against Sophie because she's black though Betty is offended by the suggestion. He doesn't remember telling Sophie about Betty being his mother. Ernie wants to have a musical night at the Rovers. Annie likes the idea. Albert tells Annie that Ken didn't apply for the Community Development Officer position. Ena cooks a thank-you meal for Jerry, Tricia and Gail. Annie reprimands Ken when his taxi controller calls the Rovers with a message for him. He promises that the calls will stop but Annie isn't placated; she tells him to pull his socks up and find a proper job. Sophie arrives at the Rovers for a date with Gordon. She is stood up as Gordon was drunk when he asked her out and has forgotten about it. Bet calls him at Betty's house to let him know. Ken takes the day off work for depression. He's fed up with everyone in the Street being so familiar. Annie visits him to apologise for her impertinence. Ken admits that he applied for the Community Centre job this morning and didn't tell her. She's annoyed that he let her go on at him needlessly. Deirdre convinces Ray that they need a holiday. Albert hears about Ena's party and goes there to be fed. Betty is worried about Sophie being in the Rovers. Her fears come true when Sophie tells Rita, Deirdre and Ray that Betty is Gordon's mother. They write it off as a misunderstanding but are suspicious when Gordon rushes Sophie out of the Rovers.


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Annie Walker: "Speeches are made to be delivered, not written down. Now, with all due deference to Kenneth's words, they could have fallen flat with a less experienced speaker. Words and music dear, as a famous composer once remarked - I forget his name - give me sopranos who can make my notes their own."


Ken Barlow: "That's the trouble round here, everybody's far too familiar and I'm just fed up with familiarity."

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