Annie returns from Derby, making the final leg of her journey in Ken's taxi. She's embarrassed when he carries her bags into the Rovers. Gordon returns on business and stays with Betty. The Bishops offer Ena the Centre flat rent-free in exchange for her carrying out minor duties. She's still bitter about being evicted by the pair on Christmas Eve but ultimately accepts. Ken writes Annie's speech for a Lady Victuallers meeting. Annie practices it in front of Ken, Gail and Tricia. The latter two make fun of her pretensions. Jerry shows Tricia how to play darts but she doesn't manage to hit the board. Ken, Gordon, Deirdre and Ray go to see Rita sing at the Gatsby. Gordon chats up barmaid Sophie Edwards but gets drunk and she ends up looking after him. Jerry helps Ena move into her flat. Ena wishes that Jerry would marry again. Rita is able to leave the club before her slot finishes as Ralph Lancaster isn't there. She returns to the Street with Ken. Annie visits Betty on her way home from her LV function to crow about her speech. Sophie drops an inebriated Gordon off at Betty's, where he introduces her to "Old Ma Walker" and Betty, his mother.


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Annie Walker (To Ken Barlow, after overhearing Gail Potter and Tricia Hopkins making fun of her): "They're young, bless them."


Annie Walker: "Not taking away any praise from Kenneth for the speech he wrote me. But as Mrs Braithwaite said - and she's taken lessons in public speaking - "Material gets you to the battlefield, but delivery wins the war.""

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