Stan doesn't like the new food Hilda is cooking him and secretly buys pies from the shop. Alf borrows Stan's cart for an undisclosed purpose. Ray offers the girls money if they'll tell him who's interested in insulation. They refuse as it's unethical. Ernie can't believe Alf is reinstalling Ena after what he and Emily went through getting her out. He doesn't think Ena is up to it but Alf thinks otherwise as she'll have Ken for support. Tricia uses the phone to make a date with Pete Dawson at the flat. Hilda thinks Stan has lost his vitality and considers going vegetarian, to his horror. Pete turns up with Brian Jones, who fancies Gail but Tricia has got rid of her expecting a night of passion. Alf tells Ken that the Marshes have been taken in for starting the fire. He points out the community needs him for his caring attitude. Ken doesn't like the way everyone is telling him what he should be doing with his life. Tricia can't get rid of Brian and eventually tells Pete that she wants to be alone with him. She is amazed when Pete walks out and leaves her with Brian. Ken turns the job down and Alf reveals he hasn't asked Ena if she wants the flat and has moved her stuff in.


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  • William Tarmey appears as an extra in this episode. He is seen speaking to Ken Barlow in the Rovers. This is his earliest known appearance as an extra in the programme.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alf and the Bishops plot a surprise for Ena
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,287,000 homes (11th place).
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