The residents seek refuge at Bessie Street School. As Annie is still shopping, Bet and Betty save her valuables. The Bishops lay on food and tea at the school. Emily reminisces about her Auntie Mary. Minnie and Bobby find themselves at the New Old Inn run by Ginny Spencer and her daughters Tracey and Kim. She is joined by more residents. As word spreads that the pub is open, the refugees leave the distress centre in favour of the New Old Inn. The firemen find two bodies in the warehouse. Len finds out that one of them is Edna Gee. Ivy and Gail break down when they hear the news and Ivy tries to comfort Fred Gee, Edna's husband. The police refuse to let the residents return to their homes. The Langtons invite Len and Ken to stay at Blanche's house. Deirdre is furious when the others follow.


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