Rita is furious when she has to make up the papers. Mavis tells her that she's not her slave. Rita threatens to sack her. The lads tip rubbish over Ken's backyard. Rita asks Len to sort militant Mavis out. Mavis tells Len how often she works a twelve hour day and he realises Rita is taking her for a mug. Ken tells Kevin Marsh to break the chain before he ends up in Borstal. The lads let Ken's tyres down so he can't work. Len tells Rita either to pay Mavis £2 a week out of her earnings or find another job. The Marshes threaten to have Ken charged with assault for hitting their boys whilst the lads set about wrecking No.11.


Regular cast

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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken is on the receiving end of a vendetta.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,200,000 homes (20th place).

Notable dialogue

Albert Tatlock: "You know... the trouble wi' you Ken is... that yer too soft. You look at life through rose-coloured specs, and you'd even go and bury yer 'ead completely in't sand if there was summat you didn't even want to see."


Ken Barlow: "You know... we're all too ready to go baying out for the blood of the younger generation, as if they're some... some monstrous mutation that sprung up and got nothing to do with us. I mean look, we don't stand back, do we? and look at the corrupt, collapsing, unprincipled world that we provided them with and think that might just have something to do with it."

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