A nervous Alf stays in the Rovers alone and is startled to find a half empty milk stout bottle in the snug. Len, Jerry and Ray join Alf. They are terrified when the lights go out and a candle appears in the darkness. Ray realises it's Eddie, Tricia and Gail. They all have a midnight party. During the party, Alf tells Len about Donna Parker and the £500. Eddie, Ray and the girls try to get in touch with Martha Longhurst with a Ouija board chalked on the table in the snug. The next morning, Betty is worried when she spots the milk stout left by the others on the bar, knowing it wasn't there the night before and not knowing of the party. Len makes plans to help Alf when he rings someone and asks for their assistance.


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  • Unusually, the entire plotline of this episode takes place in the Rovers Return Inn over one night and the following day.
  • TV Times synopsis: The ghost watchers wait - but will they see Martha?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,290,000 homes (12th place). This August Bank Holiday episode was the lowest-rated edition of the year although it still managed to reach a place in the top twenty.
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