Ray and Len, working at the Rovers, nick drinks for themselves, Alf and Eddie before discovering Annie has marked the optics. Len tops them up with water. Annie is warned that the Custom and Excise man is expected. Ray buys replacement bottles of spirits. Len drops out of the Torquay trip and the radio station issues an apology so Ernie won't be sued. The men have to drink all the spirits so Betty can change the optics. They get completely drunk, forcing the drink down. Deirdre is furious when they force Bacardi down Tricia and make her ill. Annie is astonished by the drunks. Deirdre points out that Betty doesn't need the replacement bottles. Before she can return them to Len, Annie finds them and uses them. In Rita's absence, Mavis orders two gross of tights from salesman Les Buckley. Betty and Annie see the same glasses on the bar again. A customer, Barney Gardner, claims them.


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Alf Roberts (drunk): "How are the fighty mallen."

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