Betty offers Jerry her spare room to lodge in. Ena discovers the council spends a lot of money entertaining VIPs. Hilda suspects Stan of seeing Blanche when she gives him some tea. Ernie chairs the WARP meeting. Jerry agrees to move in with Betty. The residents row with Alf at the meeting. Betty puts Jerry off for a couple of weeks as she has to look after the Rovers; Annie is going to visit Billy. Betty asks Bet to stay with her at the Rovers. The residents decide to hold a rates strike.


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  • A poster on the wall of the Rovers advertised the ratepayers' protest meeting as taking place on 26th May - the date that this episode should have been shown.
  • No episodes were transmitted on 26th or 28th May 1975 due to the 1975 ITV Strike. The strike continued at Scottish Television until Monday 9th June and this episode was transmitted in that region on that date at 5.30pm, gaining another 160,000 homes watching, followed by Episode 1498 in the usual 7.30pm timeslot. Episode 1499 (9th June 1975) was also transmitted in the programme's usual slot on Wednesday 11th June and the episode that the rest of the country saw at that time (Episode 1500) was transmitted by STV on Thursday 12th June at 6.30pm, enabling viewers in the region to catch up with the rest of the country.
  • TV Times synopsis: The rates rebels decide to strike.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,298,000 homes (10th place).
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