Ray is amused to hear that Billy and Deirdre's wedding is off. Blanche can't fathom why Deirdre has dropped Billy. Billy can't explain to Annie why he isn't getting married as he isn't sure himself. Emily isn't happy about Ernie playing with Rita. Ray tells Deirdre that Gail didn't get the hostess job and asks her out for a drink at the The Flying Horse but she turns him down. Alec Gilroy introduces himself to Ernie. Blanche avoids the Rovers as she doesn't want Annie giving her the third degree but Annie goes to see her at the Corner Shop, ignoring Billy's wishes. She backs off when she sees that Blanche is as in the dark as her. Billy waits to see Deirdre at Blanche's house and tells Blanche that he still loves Deirdre. Blanche asks him to give Deirdre time to sort herself out. He tells her he can't hang around. Alec gets Rita and Ernie a gig but warns them that they'll have to work their way up to clubs. Stan is apprehended by a policeman when he climbs over the gate at the yard to drop Fury off. Jerry vouches for him. Billy answers an ad in the paper for a barman at the Hotel Carlotta, St Helier, Jersey.


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  • A policeman is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • Future screen couple Bet Lynch and Alec Gilroy have a brief interaction in this episode, when Alec orders a small Scotch from Bet at the Rovers.
  • Alf Roberts references the upcoming Common Market referendum, with the residents giving their views on the UK's continued membership of the European Communities (EC) being put to a vote. The referendum was held on 5th June 1975.
  • TV Times synopsis: Annie has a lot of questions - but will she get the right answers?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,336,000 homes (4th place).

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Alec Gilroy: “D'you know, it's amazing, they all look the same - club pianists - they must come in packs o' twenty.”

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