Billy hasn't responded to Annie's letter. Annie fears they've run off and got married and becomes hysterical. The council erects a notice outside the shop announcing that the Street is to be renamed Florida Street within a month. Albert starts a petition for the Town Hall while Ena plans action of her own. Annie doesn't mind the name changing but would have preferred Floral Grove. Billy and Philippa travel up from London. Billy rings Annie from Central Station pretending to be a reporter. She immediately pounces on him for not replying to her but he swears he didn't receive her letter. Annie dresses up to meet her future daughter-in-law and is annoyed to be kept waiting for two hours while Billy and Philippa eat out. They finally arrive and Philippa is introduced to the Walkers. Annie is slow to offer her congratulations. Philippa impresses Jack and gives Annie perfume when she compliments her scent. Ena gives Minnie a piece of paper for everyone in Mawdsley Street to sign. Minnie refuses until she knows what Ena is planning. Annie is polite to Philippa but doesn't give her a chance as she's not a lady. She breaks down when Jack reminds her that she isn't either. Florrie and Frank are seen out together by Billy and Philippa. Annie feels her whole world is collapsing around her.


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Notable dialogue

Concepta Hewitt (about Billy Walker): "'e's certainly not good lookin' but he is somehow sexy."
Concepta Hewitt: "It's there in black and white, it says it's going to be changed to Florida."
Annie Walker: "Sounds like a disinfectant."

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