Hilda and Eddie work well together. The residents are annoyed at the way Stan is using Hilda. Len begins to feel trapped by Bet when she buys him a sweater. Eddie runs a book on the "Personality of the Pub" competition. The residents are amazed at Stan's cheek as he drinks in the pub. Eddie is entertained by Clara Regan in No. 19 Inkerman Street. Ken tells Len that at their age women want commitment, not friendship. Hilda and Eddie do better than Stan. They only give Stan £1 from their £9 earnings. Bet plans a night at the pictures with Len. Annie counts the votes and Betty is the winner. Len stands Bet up.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples: "And what have you done about my complaint?"
Mavis Riley: "Which complaint in particular?"
Ena Sharples: "She says that as though I make hundreds, don't she?"


Ena Sharples: "You seem to have been leading a bit of a hectic life during my absence, I hear?"
Len Fairclough: "Oh, I dunno, let's see - I've been, er, I've broken off my engagement, I've damn near been accused of murder, I'm on the point of bankruptcy. Just an average sort of six months, I'd say."
Ena Sharples: "That's what I mean - blundering along from mistake to mistake."

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