Blanche opens the Corner Shop and is worried that she can hear nothing from the flat above. Gail and Tricia have overslept and they try to keep Eddie out of sight of Blanche. They realise that they'll have to lock him in while they go to work after Blanche threatens to return to clean up. The yard has no jobs on so Len, Ray and Jerry play cards in the office. Hilda tries to get Stan to do the housework while she goes out on her various jobs but he settles down to read the paper instead. A bored Eddie spends the morning drinking cider and reading the girls' magazines. Betty is annoyed that Hilda is late coming in to clean the Rovers, especially when Stan calls in for a bottle to take out. Alf warns Len against flaunting his relationship with Bet. The girls return with fish and chips for Eddie, annoyed that Blanche won't leave the shop for her lunch break. Alf thinks he can smell gas in the Street. The girls try to distract Blanche into the back so Eddie can get out but Betty comes into the shop. Eddie wants to brazenly walk out but the girls keep him in with promises of beer. An exhausted Hilda isn't taken in with Stan's pretence of doing the housework. She is pleased when Nurse Kaye calls and he is given an injection in the backside. The girls bring beer for Eddie and leave the key to the flat with him. The yard gets a job to replace a washbasin and Jerry and Ray leave Len alone with Bet. The girls are pleased when Blanche prepares to leave the shop for the night. Hilda can smell gas as well. Ena rings the Rovers to say she's returning. With Blanche gone, the girls show Eddie out. He exits by the back door, only to bump into Jerry, Betty and the Ogdens checking the gas smell in the ginnel.


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